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  • In order to sign up for a course, you must be eligible to own and possess a firearm and be 18 years of age or older. 

  • Those enrolling in a Combat Absolute training course must be a US Citizen, or ITAR approved.  Appropriate government ID will be needed on the day of training. 

  • No use of alcohol or any controlled substances while attending a course.

  • On the day of training, bring weather related gear.  This includes appropriate clothing, footwear and sunscreen.

  • Students will be responsible for bringing their own food, snacks and hydration. A lunch break (usually 30 minutes) will be taken midway through training.

  • Students must bring their own weapon system(s), ammunition and EYE & EAR protection.  Slings for rifles/carbines and holsters for pistols will be necessary to attend a course.    

  • HOLSTER REQUIREMENTS:  For safety reasons, holsters must not collapse or close upon itself when the pistol is removed.  You should be able to re-holster with one hand.  Additionally, no cross-draw or shoulder holsters will be allowed in a Combat Absolute course. 

  • Open enrollment Combat Absolute training courses will take place at Double Tapp Range in Boise, ID, located off of I-84 at exit 71 (range is 3 minutes from the exit). Courses will take place on a private shooting bay, with no outside interruptions.  After enrollment, specific directions and further information will be provided.


  • Lastly, bring a positive attitude and expect to have fun!

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