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After graduating college with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Kyle Gentry enrolled in the Sacramento County Sheriff's academy in 2002 where he graduated top academic recruit in his class.  He then entered into a Law Enforcement career with a California Police Department.  Kyle quickly felt a passion and calling when it came to firearm training.  He began training with a vast number of the country's top tier elite trainers.  This led to a position on his agency's firearm training team, which transitioned to the lead firearm instructor position. Kyle was selected for the regional SWAT team as a SWAT operator and Rangemaster for SWAT.  He was selected to be on the long rifle/sniper element, where he eventually became the lead sniper instructor. Through great sacrifices, he was able to train with many of California's largest agencies, tactical teams and industry professionals.  To this day, Kyle still trains with many of the industry pros as an instructor must always continue on their path of learning.  


With all of this, Kyle was hired to work with several private firearm training companies on his off time and he was able to train civilians and armed professionals alike. He was able to work with new police recruits and civilians with little to no experience, top level tactical teams and everything in between.  Whether continuously training as a student, or designing curriculums for his agency or SWAT team, Kyle never stopped in his pursuit of advancing his skill set and helping his brothers and sisters in blue increase their survivability.


Kyle credits his training with saving his life, as he and several other officers were ambushed by an armed gunman who opened fire on them in 2017.  During this low-light gunfight, he and another officer returned fire and the gunman was stopped. This further highlighted the value of truly effective firearm training.  He does not advocate or instruct techniques which do not work in real world scenarios.  


Kyle honorably retired from Law Enforcement in 2019 and relocated to Idaho. With his experience behind the gun, along with his experience as a firearm instructor, Combat Absolute came to be.  


Kyle provides courses which focus on the core fundamentals of shooting and ensures people understand the "why" behind the "how."  Whether running "high speed" courses or working with new shooters, Kyle stresses to NEVER forget the fundamentals.  With Combat Absolute's curriculums, you will develop critically important subconscious weapon manipulation and learn how to truly perform with your weapon.  




  • POST Certified Pistol Instructor 

  • POST Certified Rifle/AR15 Instructor

  • POST Certified Shotgun Instructor

  • POST Certified Sniper

  • NTOA Certified Sniper Instructor

  • CATO Certified Tactical Firearm Instructor

  • POST Certified SWAT Operator

  • POST Certified Less Lethal Instructor

  • Certified Simuniton Instructor

  • POST Certified Diversionary Device (flashbang) Instructor 

  • Glock Armorer

  • Colt Armorer

  • Sig Sauer Armorer

  • Tactical Medical Trained & Certified

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced POST Certificate

  • Court Certified Firearm Expert

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