• PISTOL DRILL TARGET- Drill is shot from the 5, 7 or 10 yard line, depending on skill set.  Start with 5 rounds in the pistol, with a staged second mag containing 3 rounds. Utilizing a shot timer and starting from the holster, fire 5 rounds into the rectangle, complete a slide-lock reload and fire 3 rounds into the circle.  Par time is dependent on your skill set.  Record your results and compare them to future results as you continue to train.  Get value from this.  Check your grip.  Evaluate what your sights are telling you.  Consider videoing yourself to highlight strengths or weaknesses.  

  • RDS ZERO TARGET- This is a basic solid black circle. You can bring this to the range to zero your RDS on your rifle/carbine, or your RDS equipped pistol.


  • 8" CIRCLE TARGET-  This target is extremely handy for range training sessions. Whether running "up" drills, or pushing out to greater distance, one can always find a use for an 8 inch impact zone.  

      ***Some users may have to adjust the scale setting before printing targets, to ensure borders are within printer's paper size.***