• PISTOL DRILL TARGET- Drill is shot from the 5, 7 or 10 yard line, depending on skill set.  Start with 5 rounds in the pistol, with a staged second mag containing 3 rounds. Utilizing a shot timer, and starting from the holster, fire 5 rounds into the rectangle, complete a slide-lock reload, and fire 3 rounds into the circle.  Par time is dependent on your skill set.  Record your results, and compare them to future results as you continue to train.

  • RDS ZERO TARGET- This is a basic solid black circle, which you can bring with you to the range in order to zero your RDS on your rifle/carbine, or your RDS equipped pistol.


  • 8" CIRCLE TARGET-  This target is extremely handy for range training sessions. Whether running "up" drills, or pushing out to greater distance, one can always find a use for an 8 inch circle target.  

      ***Some users may have to adjust the scale setting before printing targets, to ensure borders are within printer's paper size.***